AsiaSolar Photovoltaic Innovation Technology Exhibition 2016

 Venue:Shanghai in-
 ternational sourcing Convention and  Exhibition Center
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 About AsiaSolar:

      AsiaSolar after ten years, has b-
 een successfully invited global 500 ,  head of the government and indus-
 try organizations, well-known ente-
 rprise executives to speech, attrac-
 ted nearly 10000 industry professi-
 onals at home and abroad. Over t-
 he same period AsiaSola attracted
 more than 2000 global photovolta-
 ic enterprises exhibitors, nearly 25-
 0000 people to visit. Also attracted
 the important media industry such
 as CCTV, the first finance and econ-
 omics, China energy news, China e-
 lectric power news, PVtech, solarbe,  international new energy network, s
 uch as the focus of the media repor

  • Some universities and research institutes that are working with our company:

 1、Department of chemical engineering and Bio engineering, Zhejiang University

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Bio engineering of Zhejiang University is the predecessor of the Department of Chemical Engineering of Zhejiang University. It is the first Department of chemical engineering founded by Professor Li Shouheng, a pioneer of chemical engineering education in China in 1927. It has always been one of the most famous chemical engineering departments in China. The Department of Chemical Engineering and Bio engineering has seven research institutes: Chemical Engineering, Joint Chemical Reaction Engineering, Polymerization and Polymer Engineering, Bio engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Chemical Machinery,Industrial Ecology and Environment. The Department of Chemical Engineering has the United Nations National Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering (Zhejiang University), the National Specialized Laboratory of Secondary Resources Chemistry, the Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education of"High Pressure Process Equipment and Safety" and the "Research Center of Membrane and Water Treatment Technology Engineering of the Ministry of Education" jointly built with the Department of Polymer. The Department of Chemical Industry attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation and has set up the International Exchange and Cooperation Commit tee of the Department of Chemical Industry. Extensive academic exchanges and cooperation with experts and scholars from world famous universities, as well as mutual visits and exchanges between teachers and students, have effectively promoted the development of teaching and scientific research.

2、School of materials and environmental engineering, Hangzhou Dianzi University

       The College of Materials and Environmental Engineering is a newly established college of Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology, which has a strong teaching and scientific research strength. The Institute consists of two departments: Environmental Science and engineering, materials science and engineering. The Department of Environmental Science and Engineering is one of the key disciplines in Zhejiang Province. It trains compound talents with the basic theories, knowledge and skills of environmental science and technology, as well as the knowledge and skills of environmental engineering, environmental monitoring and environmental protection to meet the needs of social construction and economic development.At present, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering has one central finance special laboratory, two provincial finance special laboratories and three professional laboratories. This department takes new materials such as electronic information materials, new energy materials, environmental control materials, nano and low-dimensional materials as teaching and research directions,combines materials engineering with technology, material preparation and processing, material analysis and testing technology, material preparation and environmental pollution control in the process of processing, and cultivates both. Material science and engineering basic knowledge, but also a strong practical ability and environmental awareness of the comprehensive talents.

3、 Shanghai Institute of advanced studies, Chinese Academy of Sciences

 The Shanghai Academy of Advanced Studies, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a forward-looking, strategic original innovation and integrated innovation research institution initiated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government in 2009. Shanghai Academy of Higher Learning (SAHI) takes the sustain able development of national and regional social economy as its guide, carries out research on original innovation and integrated innovation, promotes the upgrading of related industries from technological followers to technological leaders, provides systematic technological solutions and technological support for strategic emerging industries, trains compound talents, and explores science, technology and economy. The new mode of combining science and technology with education will provide technical support and decision support for the transformation of economic growth mode in China and Shanghai. Focus in cross-cutting frontiers and advanced materials, information science and technology, space and ocean science and technology, energy and environment,life sciences and other fields, thin film op to electronic materials and devices,micro-nano devices, low-orbit communication satellites and constellation systems, high-performance computing and storage, new display technology,high-efficiency combustion and gas power generation, etc. Solar photo voltaic technology and other research activities. The photoelectric thin film engineering technology center of Shanghai Academy of Science and Technology has the technical platform of thin film material growth, photo thermal-electrical performance testing, photothermal device development and so on, which provides a good platform and hardware guarantee for the smooth implementation of this project. Participating in this project, the research group has accumulated long-term and systematic work in the fields closely related to this project,such as solar energy heating and power generation, optics, material physics and chemistry, semiconductor physics and devices. The core members have made important contributions in solar optical engineering, thermoelectric materials preparation, solar energy heat collection and so on.

At present, the research group undertakes the important direction project of the CAS knowledge innovation project"Research on Key Technologies of solar thermoelectric materials and devices" and has made good progress

Invention patent name: multi energy power generation device, application number: 201210316413.1

Invention patent name: spectrum compensated solar photovoltaic power generation system, application number:201210315971.6

Invention patent name: tower type solar power generation system, application number: 201210316364.1

Invention patent name: solar powergeneration and power storage integrated device, application number:201210324504.X23

Name of invention patent: solar simulatorlight source and its realization method, application number: 201310017975

Invention patent name: sun trackingsensor, application number: 201310234500.7

Invention patent name: solar distributedgeneration system, application number: 201310258281.6

Invention patent name: solar thermalutilization system, application number: 201310336743.1

Patent Name: Multifunctional IntegratedPreparation Equipment for Semiconductor Thermoelectric Materials and ItsApplication, Application No. 201310646928.2

Patent Name of Invention: A Mg-Si-Sn-basedNanocomposite Thermoelectric Material and Its Preparation Method, Scheme No.CN141022

4、Government organs:

5、Cooperation Organization:

6,Famous enterprises at home and abroad

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