AsiaSolar Photovoltaic Innovation Technology Exhibition 2016

 Venue:Shanghai in-
 ternational sourcing Convention and  Exhibition Center
 Booth: T138

 About AsiaSolar:

      AsiaSolar after ten years, has b-
 een successfully invited global 500 ,  head of the government and indus-
 try organizations, well-known ente-
 rprise executives to speech, attrac-
 ted nearly 10000 industry professi-
 onals at home and abroad. Over t-
 he same period AsiaSola attracted
 more than 2000 global photovolta-
 ic enterprises exhibitors, nearly 25-
 0000 people to visit. Also attracted
 the important media industry such
 as CCTV, the first finance and econ-
 omics, China energy news, China e-
 lectric power news, PVtech, solarbe,  international new energy network, s
 uch as the focus of the media repor

Huangshan RUNSOL New Energy  Co., Ltd.
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Kunshan RUNSOL New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
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Tel: +86-512-50173022
Fax: +86-512-50173026

Contact Us
RUNSOL Industrial Park,Xiuning Economic Development Zone,Huangshan City, Anhui Province,PR.China
[email protected]
[email protected] Huangshan Runsol New Energy  Co., LTD.
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