Announced Dragonsol, the longest, safest,most flexible trackers
Runsol proudly announced a new product, Dragonsol https://youtu.be/bcFi4avD_Gs , it has the most advantage as world longest trackers with lowest cost in cleaning robots and driving system. This pr... more>>
The "Huaxia Cup" swimming competition Runsol won second women's 25 meter breaststroke.
In order to better implement the National Fitness Program, enrich the cultural life of workers, improve their physical fitness, create a good social atmosphere, and provide a platform for swimming lov... more>>
State Development and Reform Commission High-tech Division Leading Investigation Runsol Zhangjiakou Energy Co., Ltd. Solar Tracking System Phase I Project
On March 21, 2018, Shen Zhulin, deputy director of the High-tech Division of the National Development and Reform Commission, Li Shuai, Deputy investigator of the High-tech Department of the National D... more>>
JPS is crowned with “Excellent Enterprise Award” in The 3rd China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition
The 3rd China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, the 3rd round on New Energy ,Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Finals , was held in full swing in Daqing with a three-day duration f... more>>
The Third Concentrating Solar Power Seminar
Period: June 12th-13thLocation: Xiuning County in Huangshan City,Anhui Province.Initiated and organized by:People's governemnt of Xiuning CountyChina Solar Engineerin... more>>
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