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In July 7, 2018, a summit of photovoltaic leaders was held in Mount Huangshan, China - the twenty year commemorative forum of Mount Huangshan Photovoltaic Conference. China's photovoltaic industry has... more>>
Huangshan University teachers' application ability development workstation awarding and guest professor's engagement award ceremony
On the afternoon of April 13, 2018, Runsol Shares and Huangshan College held a certification ceremony of Huangshan College Teachers' Applied Ability Development Workstation and Chairman Sun Haitao's V... more>>
Hebei County Zhangbei county Party committee deputy secretary Qiang Qiang and his party visited Rui group's inspection tour.
On November 21, the General Office of the StateCouncil was appointed Vice-Secretary of Zhangbei County and a cadre of povertyalleviation was strong. Yao Wanfeng, Director of Zhangbei County Bureau ofI... more>>
RUNSOL International Solar Exhibition Schedule in 2016
1.Japan Tokyo PV Expo 2016Expo Name:9th International Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo(PV Expo 2016)Duration:March 2-4,2016Venue:Tokyo Big Sight, JapanBooth: E47-22... more>>
RUNSOL International Solar Exhibition Schedule in 2015
1.2015 Africa Solar ExhibitionShow Name:Power and Electricity World Africa 2015- The Solar ShowDuration:24-25 MARCH, 2015Venue:THE SANDTON CONVENTION CENTERBooth: D... more>>
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