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Runsol Publishing the world's original formula tracking system

In July 7, 2018, a summit of photovoltaic leaders was held in Mount Huangshan, China - the twenty year commemorative forum of Mount Huangshan Photovoltaic Conference. China's photovoltaic industry has developed into the world's largest PV market in the past 20 years. Huang Shanruiji insists on being enterprising and innovative, and has released the world's original equation tracking system (Formula Run, Formula equation, Run-Runsol).

The equation tracking system uses Planet Push Pull Transmission Mechanism, which is originally patented by Ruiki, to solve the problems of similar tracking systems in the industry, such as difficult installation, too high foundation, shadowing nearby components, etc. And the planetary push-pull drive mechanism replaces the traditional rotary drive mechanism, so the reliability is improved and the cost is greatly reduced. At the same time, the system adopts a new type of component fixation, which improves the installation efficiency and density of components, and reduces the cost of EPC. The core of planetary push-pull transmission mechanism is that the arc rack is fixed on the connecting rod, and the arc rack acts together with the parallel quadrilateral planar four-bar mechanism to ensure that the arc gear is always meshed with the driving wheel correctly. At the same time, the arc rack is skillfully combined with the push-pull movement of the connecting rod by the planetary motion of the driving wheel. A complete tracking action is presented (refer to the schematic diagram below).

Sun Haitao, president of Huangshan Runsol, said, "Huangshan Runsol adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship and produces good products that truly meet the market demand, leading in concept and technology. We are committed to building the leading brand of the global solar tracking system. Following the release of the Equation Tracking System, we will be based on the geographical differences in various regions of the world, customer demand differences to create market segmentation advantage products. For example, tracking systems for desert areas, tracking systems for high latitude areas, floating tracking systems for water surface and so on. The above superior products will be released one after another.
Professor Li Huixin, an expert in China's photovoltaic industry, said, "I believe that Runsol will turn the crisis into an opportunity, continue to harvest, emerge as a new force, and realize the vision of building a leading brand in the global solar tracking system industry. We are firmly committed to tracking the development prospects of the industry and Runsol.

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