The longest solar tracker product in the world with flexibility to follow wavy lands is coming. Please expect.


Vertical Single Axis Tracker (VSAT) from Runsol. Special present for high latitude areas. Take CoolRun if your project is located at Canada, Europe, Russia, North Africa, North Australia, North America. For latitude higher than 35?, 20% power generation could be guaranteed. If bifacial solar panels are applied, you can expect 35% or more.


StepRun Racking Tools free 30 seconds adjusting Probably the fastest adjustment in the world.


Real performance of ScorpioRun with bifacial modules on the desert Bifacial + ISAT increases power generation at least 24.5%


FormulaRun Tracking System is powered by Planet Push Pull Mechnism, which is an breakthrough international patented drive system innovated by Runsol.

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