Vertical Single Axis Tracker (VSAT) from Runsol. Special present forhigh latitude areas. Take CoolRun if your project is located at Canada, Europe,Russia, North Africa, North Australia, North America. For latitude higher than35?, 20% power generation could be guaranteed. If bifacial solar panels areapplied, you can expect 35% or more. 

Independent tracking system like a radar stations, great for fragmented small piece of lands and special places like slopes, hilltops, riversides and even rooftops.

Space frame is one of the best steel structure ever. Space frame used for CoolRun reduces the weight and strengthens the body.

Circular rail base spreads the load from wind, snow and self weightso that less concrete and lower construction costs.

No heavy steel structure so that no heavy lifting equipment

Elegant appearance works for tourist sites

Could be used for both utility power plants and at home 

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