Great for mid high latitude areas, perfectfor bifacial modules

Real performance of ScorpioRun withbifacial modules on the desert

Bifacial + ISAT increases power generationat least 24.5%

The blue line represents the powergeneration increase contributed by the tracker and the yellow line representsthe contribution of replacement of the Mono-facial to Bi-facial modules. Thepink line represents the total power increasing rate.

The significant profits was recorded withas high as 50% in June and the average is 24.7%. 

Patented Low Center of Gravity Design

Center of gravity equals or slightly lowerthan the rotation center always means lower moment requirement of drive system,lower energy consumption and better reliability.

This design not only lowers down thegravity center, but increase the inclined angle which increase powergeneration.

Lower installation height

Lower installation height means easier andfaster installation. ScorpioRun allows the torque tube to be fold down tohorizontal position. The height of the whole torque tube is lower than 2 metersfor operator standing on the ground to fix purlins and modules. The torque tubecould be lifted to the final angle as a whole to install the rear posts.

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