AsiaSolar Photovoltaic Innovation Technology Exhibition 2016

 Venue:Shanghai in-
 ternational sourcing Convention and  Exhibition Center
 Booth: T138

 About AsiaSolar:

      AsiaSolar after ten years, has b-
 een successfully invited global 500 ,  head of the government and indus-
 try organizations, well-known ente-
 rprise executives to speech, attrac-
 ted nearly 10000 industry professi-
 onals at home and abroad. Over t-
 he same period AsiaSola attracted
 more than 2000 global photovolta-
 ic enterprises exhibitors, nearly 25-
 0000 people to visit. Also attracted
 the important media industry such
 as CCTV, the first finance and econ-
 omics, China energy news, China e-
 lectric power news, PVtech, solarbe,  international new energy network, s
 uch as the focus of the media repor

Runsol has passed ETL, ISO14001, ISO9001, CE, OHSAS 18001 and other quality management system certification,effective operation in the production process and quality control. The company has formulated such policies as "Product Production/Outsourcing Quality Management Regulations", "Procurement Acceptance Management System", "Procurement Supplier Management System" and"Labor Insurance Supplies Management Measures", "Employee Injury Management Measures" and "7S Management System" to ensure the company's product quality, staff safety in production and environmental protection. Effective control.

Contact Us
RUNSOL Industrial Park,Xiuning Economic Development Zone,Huangshan City, Anhui Province,PR.China
[email protected]
[email protected] Huangshan Runsol New Energy  Co., LTD.
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